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Threshold Joins Zealot Networks 03.12.15

Threshold Joins Zealot Networks

Threshold Interactive is proud to announce that we have just joined Zealot Networks, a digital-first media company that empowers entrepreneurs by delivering multi-platform revenue, distribution and development opportunities.

Butterfinger on Twitter 01.13.15


Butterfinger may have not been an official sponsor of the NCAA's first-ever playoff, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be a part of the conversation. To do it, we one-upped the competition (and official NCAA sponsor) Reese’s ‘Perfect’ campaign, creating three videos that celebrated the ‘Perfecter’ Butterfinger Cups.

Then, the day of the championship game, we live-tweeted the broadcast and interacted with consumers, other brands, and popular twitter accounts like @NOTSportsCenter. We got @Butterfinger over 1.8 million impressions, saw #butterfingers trend, and were recognized by AdWeek for our efforts. By the time the final whistle blew, Butterfinger’s unofficial presence had been officially felt.

Fantasy Work League Heats Up 12.05.14

Fantasy Work League Heats Up

When a Twitter conversation between NFL wide receiver Stevie Johnson and a fan highlighted Stevie’s love of Hot Pockets, Threshold Interactive jumped in on the conversation. And shortly therafter, Hot Pockets was sponsoring Stevie’s #FantasyWorkLeague, where people tweeted Stevie funny quips about what they were doing to get him fantasy work points.

When Stevie’s fantasy workers were struggling, we’d send them Hot Pockets to get their production levels back up. And when Stevie’s workers were killing it, we’d reward them with the snack to add more muscle to their hustle. We also filmed Stevie surprising a fan’s entire office with a special delivery of Hot Pockets, a video that had hundreds of retweets and favorites, and more than four times the normal engagement rate.

Butterfinger on Twitter 10.23.14

Twitter Shows Butterfinger the Love

Twitter’s advertising blog has recognized Butterfinger as one the brands doing Halloween right. The blog post, which discusses ways brands can leverage the massive conversation around the holiday, pointed to a recent Butterfinger tweet showing people how to make awesome Caramel Apples. The tweet, one example of our ongoing social media work for the brand, was retweeted over 8,000 times and favorited over 16,000 times.

Nestle Waters Mobile Websites 10.21.14

Spring Waters Get a Mobile Makeover

Threshold Interactive has released new mobile sites for all six of Nestlé Waters North America's regional spring water brands – Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Poland Spring, and Zephyrhills. We designed and built the sites in-house, adapting the most important content from the desktop sites. Among other features, mobile visitors can now quickly sign up for home delivery from their phone, without, you know, having to actually call anyone.

Nestle Pure Life Promise Campaign 10.20.14

The Nestlé Pure Life Promise

Threshold Interactive is proud to launch “The Nestlé Pure Life Promise,” a campaign featuring employees who stand behind the brand’s quality promise. We filmed three Nestlé employees / Moms to talk about what quality means at home and at work. The videos are housed on a microsite we built,, where visitors can also explore each of the 12 steps Nestlé Pure Life takes to filter and purify its water. By putting a face to the process, we were able to show that quality isn’t just lip service – it’s a part of the Nestlé Pure Life culture.

Resource Website Redesign 09.22.14

resource Redesign

Recently we released resource Natural Spring Water's new mobile website. The site highlights the pillars of resource – naturally-occurring electrolytes, the brand’s recycling efforts, and its clean taste – and allows consumers to easily order the product with a couple of clicks. We did all the site’s design and development in house and we’re confident that when you check it out, you'll feel the refreshment.

Hot Pockets Ready to Rock Video 08.24.14

Hot Pockets are Ready to Rock

To support Hot Pockets newest TV spot, a 'Hot Party' parody of Foreigner’s Hot Blooded, Threshold Interactive's created its own online version for digital and social support. The campaign features the protein-packed meats in Hot Pockets, like Hickory Ham, 100% Angus Beef, and Signature Pepperoni – three smoking hot ingredients definitely worth singing about.

Nestea Plunge Sweepstakes 06.24.14

Plunge into Summer

Threshold Interactive wants to welcome you to the Summer's most refreshing sweepstakes — the Nestea Plunge into Summer! We led the way by developing copy, design, and social media for the promotion. With over 300 prizes including concert tickets and cameras, it's easy for contestants to enter. They can even get crafty about multiple sweepstakes entries when a photo is hashtagged #NesteaPlunge and uploaded to Twitter or Instagram.

Since the launch, hundreds have uploaded their #NesteaPlunge and over 35,000 people have entered.

Sandwich Showdown 05.23.14

The Sandwich Showdown

If you thought March Madness was intense, you must have missed the Hot Pockets Sandwich Showdown. Partnering with four of the biggest stars on YouTube – Smosh, The Warp Zone, Brittani Taylor, and Taryn Southern – Hot Pockets, Defy Media and Threshold Interactive created a mouthwatering music video tournament. The campaign kicked off with a hot movie trailer that drove fans to online brackets we built, where users watched, voted, and left comments. By the end of the campaign, lots of people did, with over 7.5 million video views plus tens of thousands of comments and votes.

Arrowhead Water Sponsors Los Angeles Marathon 03.11.14

Experience the LA Marathon

Threshold and Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water created a video that soaked up the beautiful 26.2 mile route of the LA Marathon, while simultaneously taking you inside the mind of a runner. Filmed with just a GoPro camera, we edited and launched the video within 24 hours on the Arrowhead Facebook page. In under a week the video received over 150,000 views, thousands of likes, shares and countless comments from the running community. It has since become the most popular social post in Arrowhead history.

John Montgomery 01.24.14

Snag Those Excessive Hashtags

Threshold Interactive is proud to present the first app to fight the over-hastagging epidemic. Available on your mobile device at, Hash Snag auto-corrects obnoxious hashtags like #YOLO and #life, and deletes redundant hashtags, stopping users from dropping multiple hashtags like “#LOL #ROFL #LMAO #LMFAO #HAHAHA” into a single tweet. Hash Snag not only returns decency and civility to the Internet (well, kind of), it may just save you and your friends from online embarrassment.

Lean Pockets Hot Combinations 1.13.14

Lean Pockets Hot Combinations

To couple two of the hottest aspect of Lean Pockets sandwiches – that they’re packed with protein and feature a soft pretzel bread crust –Threshold turned to well, couples. We produced three :30 spots for a digital run, each featuring an unlikely couple with an unique attraction to the hot sandwiches. In addition to the videos, we designed and built a custom Facebook tab where consumers can earn a Lean Pockets coupon and pick their favorite pair.

Hot Pockets You Got What I Eat Video 10.08.13

We've Got What You Eat

Threshold and Hot Pockets are proud to present “You Got What I Eat” – the new music video starring Snoop Dogg and Kate Upton. The song takes viewers through a Hot Pockets dreamland and introduces the butcher (played by Oliver Cooper) and the baker (played by Snoop) – the two chefs responsible for the new, better-tasting Hot Pockets. The video, which also features Bow Wow, Larry King, and enjoys the musical presence of Biz Markie, has taken the Internet by storm. It’s racking up the views and has been featured in over 100 blogs and news outlets, ranging from Fox News to BuzzFeed to GQ, earning reviews along the way like this: “it’s a hilarious mash up of characters, flying sheep, rainbows, and gratuitous shots of food porn.

Nestle Pure Life Drink Up Campaign 09.12.13

DRINK UP with Nestlé Pure Life

Nestlé Pure Life Purified Drinking Water is proud to partner with The Partnership for a Healthier America to support the Drink Up initiative – a nation-wide effort encouraging everyone to drink more water more often. As part of the announcement, Threshold updated the Nestlé Pure Life website and built a custom Facebook app explaining the movement and the brand’s involvement. In addition, Threshold’s been leveraging assets from the launch event with First Lady Michelle Obama to engage Nestlé Pure Life fans on social media.

Small Agency of the Year 2013 07.26.13

Threshold Named the West's Small Agency of the Year!

Threshold Interactive is honored to have been named Advertising Age's 2013 Small Agency of the Year in the west region! Threshold has always prided itself in being a small, independent, agency that does really big things, and it feels great to be recognized for the work we've done over the past year!

Ad Age Deputy Managing Editor Rupal Parekh, one of the judges, said of the awards: "This year's competition was fierce. The number of entries was up across the board, making judging that much more difficult. Not surprisingly, the breadth of work — whether it be for small businesses or national players — is impressive. We also see signs that more and more major marketers are turning to small and independent shops for creative solutions." So a big THANK YOU to Threshold's amazing clients and partners — the people that make an agency like Threshold possible.